Lola Ayisha Ogbara
Artist/ Curator/ Writer

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The Black Haptic Conscious[ness]

What is the Black Haptic Consciousness??

“The Black Haptic Conscious[ness] refers to an embodied memory sensory, or stream of consciousness, specific to touch stimuli that is inherently categorical to individuals of the African diaspora and their ability to interact with [un]familiar objects.

The Black Haptic Conscious[ness] manifests in everyday Black life. The Black conscious mind remembers memories that are learned through embodied/intuitive thought. Embodied memories live in the Black Haptic Conscious through instinctual and learned movement. This can be seen in dance/movement, domesticity, religion, interaction with mundane objects, ritualized and intuitive practices, craft and contemporary art.”

Term coined by Lola Ayisha Ogbara